Partnership with parents

  • Parents are the main carers in their child’s lives and as such we aim to develop a close partnership with you so that we can continue to meet your family’s individual needs every step of the way. We believe that Nursery should be totally transparent, and we do this by encouraging parents to visit whenever they wish, without any prior arrangement.
  • Communication with parents is crucial and as such we aim to make time daily to ensure you receive information about your child’s day at nursery through verbal communication, children’s online learning journeys, photographs and our unique child led planning.
  • Best Friends – a parents’ forum which brings together a group of parents with the senior nurturing team to explore new ideas and ways to continue enhancing working together. Suggestions from parents on how Nursey can improve are always welcome. Many suggestions via parents or children have become either part of our Nursery operations or included in our action plans or future visions.
  • Settling into nursery is individually programmed to meet you and your child’s needs. The family centered journey begins in the comfort of your own home with a special visit from a member of our highly skilled staff team of nurturers.  Together you will complete your child’s individual care plan and create time for you and your child’s personalized settling in sessions. The team nurturer will spend time building bonds with you and your child in the child’s most familiar surroundings to aid a smooth transition into nursery.
  • Safe and settled is every parent’s priority and safety and security of your child is paramount at Best Childcare Nursery. Our nursery policies cover all aspects of health and safety and we conduct rigorous vetting procedures on all our adults working with children. Our team of nurturers are trained to follow all nursery procedures and carry out risk benefit assessments every day through their practice. We have a secure entry system monitored by CCTV.
  • Learning Journeys our innovative, interactive way to record all the fun of your child’s early years and education. Log on any time of day with your own unique link to experience and be part of your child’s individual learning experiences -memories to cherish forever.