Healthy eating & meal times

  •  At Best childcare Forest School Nursery, we are passionate about healthy eating and good nutrition for children’s growing minds and bodies. All meals are prepared by our own talented chef.
    We provide a non-meat diet which includes fish, eggs, pulses, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and our nursery benefits from
  • Locally sources ingredients
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Herbs and spices from our own edible herb garden

Mealtimes are a social family occasion with our nurturers eating with children and sharing events of the day. Children are encouraged to drink fresh water throughout the day from our independent water /snack station.
Any specific dietary requirements can also be catered for and cultural and religious needs considered from your child’s individual care plan.
Formula milk is not provided. However, we have facilities for the storage of breast and formula milk and actively encourage parents to continue breast feeding whilst their baby is in our care. Babies will be weaned in accordance with parents’ own wishes and we supply blended food for babies from our menu.
Our talented chef also leads our mini chef classes sharing their expertise on cooking delicious healthy food with the children during these daily sessions the children are taught from a young age about healthy lifestyles, supporting them in their own health and well-being.